Photohonesty Website

The Challenge

Documentary photographer, Graham Miller is a Scottish based photographer, his work is all about challenging stigma.

The Photohonesty website had to have maximum impact with the use of full screen images and video, it also had to be accessible to all users.

Graham Miller and ourselves were very happy with the outcome of the photography based website. The brief was to have maximum impact and to showcase the stunning images. Navigation of the site is easy and self-intuitive, responsive like any new website should be and web accessible. It refers to removing barriers which can prevent interaction with people with disabilities. The e-commerce shop was also required to sell books published under Photohonesty along with posters, postcards and other publications.




February 2017


Web Design

Photohonesty works on various projects all empathically communicationing with the people rather than exposing people as interesting photographic objects.

Fearless Creative Branding Digital and Graphic Design Agency Edinburgh

Great Result

I’ve met many creative professionals over time and sad to say many are just not very creative.
That’s not the case with Leon at Fearless Creative. It’s where for him every project starts from. It felt at times he had ‘got there’ ahead of me with my own ideas which he then improved upon. He couples the extraordinary with a vast knowledge of the industry and outputs to add value to any project he touches. All that done with efficiency and humour besides.
The work I do with Photohonesty is precious to me and those I photograph. A trust not given lightly. To find Leon was fortunate, to work with him enjoyable, the outputs potentially transformative.
Thank you.

Graham Miller, Photohonesty

So What’s Next?

Let’s Work Together.
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So What’s Next?

Let’s Work Together.
Get in Touch

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