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Fearless Creative were recommend to Stisi Group for our Professional Business Website Design

The Stisi Group wanted a website that was cool, modern, a bit different and set them apart from their competition. After working on and completing the logo and branding we had a full understanding about the company, its future goals and vision, the strengths and weaknesses. Stisi Group are an approachable, amenable group of mortgage and protection professionals that are able to assist you in all areas of mortgage and protection advice. Take a visit to Stisi Group website.

Stisi Group Case Study Fearless Creative Professional Business Website Design
Stisi Group Case Study Fearless Creative Professional Business Website Design

The group is charged by Ross Stisi. Ross, himself, has garnered about 120 reviews on Vouched For. He has a very good five star rating from always having a “customer first” approach. Ross always listens to what the customer wants and to their concerns. He is has a vast amount of experience and knowledge and has a great rapport with his clients. As a result he has got the reputation of being one of the UK’s top Mortgage Advisers.

Professional Business Website Design the Fearless way

We worked on the navigation, website structure, user testing and design before we set about putting the website together. This ensured the foundations of the site were right. From the outset the site was set up the correct way in terms of content and SEO with the meta tags H1 headings and SEO titles throughout. Professional business website design is a combination of all these elements.

We wanted to create a different story on every main page of the site. Some are subtle design features and small animations and transitions. Branding colours and fonts were followed throughout the website. We included the pages you would expect to find on a website like a contact us page, about us page and new section page. The website has practical elements to it as well as e.g., we created a mortgage repayment calculator. With the website being driven by content and the new articles page specifically targeted around keyword phrases it really plays a major part of the website.

Since its launch the website has continually received praise from all quarters. Most importantly though our client is delighted.

The aim of great UX is to make sure your website is easy to navigate when customers are using it.

It can be very easy to put details in your website that are beneficial to you – like selling your product – or items that encourage users to go in the direction you want them to go. Ultimately though you have to produce a website that gives users the option of doing what they want to do. That’s what a good UX does.

It’s very important when designing a website to bear in mind what the customer feels when using it. Is it user friendly for them or is it a confusing website (we’ve all encountered those!)?

Always think of your clients when building a website. If you create a good UX that makes it easy to navigate you will benefit from it in the long run. If you would like to speak to us about a website project you have please get in touch.

Stisi Group Case Study Fearless Creative Professional Business Website Design

PUR Bound Books.

Stisi Group Case Study Fearless Creative Professional Business Website Design

To create a cool user experience on any professional business website design, we followed these four steps on the Stisi website before building it.

Try to imagine what is going through a customer’s mind when on your website. What is the first thing they might do? Browse, leave a review or make a purchase maybe?

Make a mental note of all these actions. Next arrange the actions in the possible order a customer would make them. Remember that some actions might occur several times.

Ensure each step can be completed in at least five steps e.g., to buy something people would need to:

  1. Open your website
  2. Find the item they want to purchase
  3. Add to basket
  4. Check out

Note that one action might not mean just one click e.g., step 2 above requires multiple clicks, like selecting a product’s colour, size and if it’s in stock maybe.

Step 2 involves you thinking what you want a customer to feel when they click on a specific page e.g., when people click onto your website you might want them to feel intrigued, and inquisitive. Or if they hopefully make a purchase, you might want them to feel excited or content.

Your UX can bring a mixture of feelings to the surface by a mix of illustrations, images, colours, navigation, words and videos. The combination of successful elements lies in your branding, design and your customers.

If you were trying to sell eclectic items then you would make your website eclectic and your design eclectic. If you were selling guitars then you would maybe have some rock music playing on your homepage and so on.

Try sketching your website so you have an idea how each page might look. This exercise will make your work clearer for you. It’s not that time consuming and is a really beneficial thing to do.

If your client is selling trousers for example, the sketch of that page needs to include buttons to all categories: size, colour, available in shop, post only etc.

You should really test as you go along, making amendments if required. That’s how you know if you’ve created a good UX, by pretending you are the user.

Fearless Creative were introduced to me when I was looking for a company to assist us with a full name change and re-brand to include the designing of a full suite of logo’s and website design and build. Prior to meeting the lead designer Leon, I was able to look through the portfolio of work they had carried out for other clients and I quietly thought to myself ‘there is no way I can afford a company so high end’.
Leon was amazing from the beginning, he presented me with a quote which i was more than happy with from at the very start and he went above and beyond at every aspect of the job. We are so extremely happy with the company and the finished article. We have already discussed some further work for the future. Thank you again Fearless Creative from your friends here st Stisi Group. You are a credit to your profession.
Ross Stisi
Managing Director
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