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More and more clients are asking for videos in their website. As well as looking super cool, Google loves a website with a video and ranks it higher than if it didn’t have a video. Social Media forums are the same, videos attract people and they go a long way in marketing your business. Fearless Creative will take everything on board and then decide the best course of action for your business. We’ll look at the complete picture and give advice where necessary giving your business the best possible deal, in the best possible timeframe.

Corporate Videos.

A corporate video can be filmed anywhere.  We have done some in a field with a drone, some in an office or some other exotic location.  We add great, memorable music to them and can be edited however you like.  Ask us to show you some demonstrations corporate videos we have done.  They are really effective.

Promotional Videos.

Adding a video to your website is a great tool used by lots of businesses now to market what they do and the services they offer. Promotional videos have become really popular and a great alternative to advertising your business. They can be fun, serious or heartfelt, whatever you thinks fits with your business model and are a great way to get a message across to your audience.

Animated Videos

Animated videos are up another level again. We do a lot to cool music, making the music fit with the presentation. We have done one for Fearless which we used photographs of ourselves and our lives in. That has proved very successful and we get a lot of praise for it. We will do whatever fits your brief and are happy to give you a few options to choose from.

More and more businesses are use video to promote their business


Search Engine Optimisation is a key tool that we at Fearless are confident in and have a lot of experience in.  We also use Social Media a lot to promote businesses (we tend to use Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc). The team at Fearless all have multi-faceted skills, be it skilled designers, web developers or photographers. We are proud of our work and are tenacious in delivering what a client wants, whether that is a new website, logo, brand, promotional video, animation or corporate video production Edinburgh & Newcastle. See the benefits. Come on, give us a try, you won’t be disappointed!


The power of video grabs you

We’ve got you covered on design and content right through to digital.

If you want to give your website the best chance to be high on Google rankings the advice we would give would be to use a promotional video. It can really help to promote your website and gain more customers and followers. It really is the way forward and we always recommend that a promotional video should be part of your digital marketing program.

  • The best way to attract your customers is by video
  • A promotional video could give your business a rise in profits
  • Having a video will improve your online rankings
  • Fearless videos can help your business make important contacts

Read more of the top reasons why your business really needs a promotional video.

Fearless Creative Corporate Video Production Edinburgh
Fearless Creative Corporate Video Production Edinburgh
Fearless Creative Corporate Video Production Edinburgh

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So What’s Next?

Let’s Work Together.
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