If your business is actively looking engage in social media to help your business grow and want help. We offer social media marketing in Edinburgh and Newcastle.

Social Media Marketing Edinburgh


Social media strategy is now a critical part of every business marketing strategy. It is an easy way to interact with clients and potential customers. The key is to have a strategy in place that understands your customers and helps helps them to communicate with your brand on their preferred platforms. As social media grows, as does the number of social media users. Their is in excess of 2.5 billion social media users online with the number growing about 10% each year.

fearless creative Social Media services, social media strategy, instagram post, website Newcastle Edinburgh
fearless creative Social Media services, social media strategy, instagram post, website Newcastle Edinburgh

At Fearless Creative we understand that social media marketing is an import part of a business’s communications strategy. We can help you to deliver high quality and relevant content to specific social media channels. Identifying high value opportunities and posting status updates, posts, tweets and blog posts on your behalf. In addition to that we can implement and manage social media advertising campaigns and content marketing strategies.


Adult internet users use Twitter


Adult internet users use facebook


Adult internet users use Instagram


Users make a purchase based on what they have seen on social media platforms
Guarantee your exposure


Sometimes using organic content alone will not deliver the impact your campaign or business requires. For this reason we might look to using social ads to promote posts.

Social media analytics

Social insights

To start with we learn and understand what’s happening in the market. Understand what your competitors doing and what is the audience saying. Social insights, let you know more about your social media followers.

See where you are at

Monthly Reporting

We will send monthly reports to see and understand your return on your investment. These reports will show you exactly how many people we have reached, how many followers / likes we have generated, and much more.

Text, images, infographics and Video

Content Creation

We will set out and write you a content strategy that’s effective, scaleable and measurable. We create engaging content that will be a mix of written text, images, original infographics and video.


What We Do

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At Fearless Create we help Edinburgh based companies improve their social media presence. Through social media channels, we look to promote your brand and increase awareness. Most people have a Facebook profile or page, but your target audience might be active on another medium. What if they’re on Instagram? What if they’re more focussed on Pinterest? We find where you target audience hangs out and interact with them. We can help Edinburgh companies who are looking for social media based solutions to:

  • Advertising to the right audience
  • Engaging with the right audience
  • Leverage social profiles as a valid traffic source
  • Create social content strategies that work

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