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National Pride

National Pride Case Study Fearless Creative Charity & Social Enterprise Website Design
National Pride Case Study Fearless Creative Charity & Social Enterprise Website Design


Website Design, Logo Design


March 2018


Logo Design, Website Design, Branding, Graphic Design

National Pride – Social Enterprise Website Design

National Pride is a social enterprise that wants to make a big difference. The founding partners are successful business people that joined together to create intergenerational communities. Nobody is excluded in the enterprise, everyone matters.  National Pride create a life enhancing environment where the vulnerable and marginalised in our society are included, cared for, valued, respected, identify, belong, be safe and lead a healthy, engaging fulfilling life. National Pride is the hub bringing people, including various businesses, together to create the big idea. Some of the partners are big businesses like the NHS.

To create new living communities including “affordable” quality housing for all, through rent to buy, shared ownership, buy at a discount on open market value schemes to provide a better healthy lifestyle for all providing education and employment training for unskilled to build their own homes. To include all in society without exception.

Fearless was required to create a logo which was to have a sense of pride and represent the UK. From the outset they wanted a lion to be included in the logo but not in a serious way. Although they didn’t want a their logo to be too light-hearted but also not too corporate.

National Pride has a long term plan and big goals.  They required a social enterprise website design although it is currently at stage 1 with plans to grow once communities start to come together, land has been purchased and plans are in place.  Therefore, in the future the website may take on a very different look with a different set of objectives. At this stage however, it is about telling people what National Pride is about and their core values. It was always in the brief for the website to have a wow factor and be unique. It was their intention from the start that the home page to provokes a visual impact.

Since the website has been live there have been positive comments about how engaging the site is. Our work with National Pride is a continuous. We consistently support them with marketing material and presentation documents all falling in line with the branding. If you are looking for affordable Charity or Social Enterprise Website Design get in touch with Fearless Creative

Cannot recommend these guys highly enough. first class guidance and professionalism. Fearless designed our Bistro logo and also assisted with menu options. Leon is extremely easy to deal with and glad I took this recommendation. Great work.
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