Agnesia Agrella

Professional Corporate Video Production

Video footage is so much more powerful that photographs
It tells a story and sets the scheme

Agnesia Agrella is a systems designer and consultant who facilitates change in her client’s lives and in their businesses.

Mega Success is the flagship yearly event of serial entrepreneur, World’s #1 Wealth Coach and author of the book Millionaire Underdog, JT Foxx. Not only did Agnesia attended the event in LA, in November 2017 but also give a presentation on stage. Fearless Creative worked with Agnesia to put together a video introduction as she entered the stage. A selection of images, were montaged together with music and voice over from Victoria Liddelle the actress and voice-over.

Agnesia Agrella is an engaging, interesting and well travelled woman. It is always insightful being in her company


Agnesia Agrella


November 2017



No1 The Grange
Blo Salon