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Valiant Care Group

Branding and Logo Design

Valiant Care is a new company hoping to cater for ex armed service personnel that suffer from PTSD, they hope to open hospitals that purely cater for their specific needs.

The NHS does not currently treat PTSD as a single entity.

But more the individual symptoms which doesn’t necessarily address the main issue. Treating this as a whole would actually save the NHS a considerable amount of money. Valiant Care would give specific care for those who really need it and who are not necessary receiving the attention they deserve. Fearless Creative was at hand to help at the starting point, creating a basic brand pack. Their brand is to portray professional and caring organization with a nod to armed services. The logo would have ability to appear on various documents and not to look out of place on merchandise such as badges.


Valiant Care Group


March 2017


Branding, Logo Design

Fearless Creative Branding Digital and Graphic Design Agency Edinburgh, website design and development
Fearless Creative Branding Digital and Graphic Design Agency Edinburgh

The basic brief was supplied, the logo to include the use of a lion. To be professional, proud, caring company that gave a nod in the armed services direction. Colours to include black and may be a yellow. Various lions where digitally drawn, defining a style that best depicted their values and company ethos. The creative process underway with research and understanding all stake holders and patients. Understanding the feel that best suited the organisation.

The lion was to be upright, proud, standing tall, have authority but in a protective caring way. Font is modern, classic, timeless and professional. Various options explored with the chosen logo depicting a lion within a shield. The shield was used to help symbolize protection and further help reinforce the link to the armed services. Colour pallets were explore with Black and orange chosen.  The Valiant Care logo and brand was created giving the company an identity.

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Valiant Care Group