Graphic Design, Print

Morvus Technology

Morvus Technology is a pharmaceutical company which creates a range of drugs that tries to tackle cancer.

The design for the presentation books was a simple, effective layout following the brand colours and fonts, keeping it light, clean, corporate and professional. The same styling was used when creating all tables and infographics. A careful but stylish approach was taken with the images, keeping them desaturated and highlighting certain areas with colour. There were two documents created, one to be produced for print and one to be presented on screen.

A pharmaceutical company leading the way with cancer drugs required a well designed presentation document to help raise a million pounds of investment.

Morvus were delighted with the design of the book we created for them. We followed the main principles we use in creating any good book layout. Good typography and using good weights and proportions. It must be legible, it might seem obvious but it is sometimes overlooked. Maintaining consistency, ensuring elements line up, look balanced or lead your eyes to the place we want them to go to. Not to be frightened of the white space and lastly create and impact.

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