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Celsius Plumbing and Heating

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Fearles Creative Logo Design, Branding, Website Design in Edinburgh Newcastle

Celsius Plumbing & Heating required branding, graphic design and print.

Based in Portobello, Celsius are a well established, award winning plumbing and heating company. They cover Edinburgh and the Lothians. We have worked with Celsius since 2014, helping them create a brand and supporting them with the production of all their design and print.

It is a pleasure to work with a forward thinking, passionate company like Celsius Plumbing and Heating. They hugely value customer service and are very active on social media which helps elevate their company throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians. It has been an exciting journey working with them developing their brand across a range of different items. If you are in Edinburgh for any period of time there will be a fair chance you will see the vehicle livery we designed for their fleet of vans. We have also completed everything from NCR pads to NCR forms, health & safety and warning stickers. Merchandise all the way through to information sheets and safety notices flyers.

We have helped Celsius change their logo into a brand.

A brand is every touch point that customers come in contact with and is instantly recognisable.

Small and medium sizes companies will find themselves competing directly against bigger, well established brands with devoted customers. Celsius Plumbing and Heating went through a solid brand building process which has found ways to differentiate them.

Roger I Lewis