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Bo’ness Revival

Bo’ness Revival

Bo’ness Hill Climb is a hill climbing course originally opened in 1934 at that time it was Scotland’s first purpose-built motor sport venue, in 2007 it was revived.

Fearless Creative Branding Digital and Graphic Design Agency Edinburgh, website design and development
Fearless Creative Branding Digital and Graphic Design Agency Edinburgh

We wanted to create a style that felt it was of 1930’s but with also had modern retro feel that would appeal to motor sport enthusiasts. A huge part of the brief was to crate logo that would look good on all merchandise that would help increase sales and revenue. Doing this would help secure the future and happy to say we achieved this.

Consistency is so important, having brand guidelines when dealing with so many suppliers is crucial

Bo’Ness Hill Climb is a great motor sport event and we are so pleased to be associated with it. We are even more pleased that we have be able to create its new identity which helped increase its revenue.

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