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    Documentary photographer, Graham Miller is a Scottish based photographer, his work is all about challenging stigma.

    Showcase Video

    The power of video can help transform images making them
    more alive and help to reach a bigger audience.

    Working with Graham was an absolute pleasure, listening to him talk about his passion about challenging stigma is inspiring.
    We created a video to help promote the newly launched website and to showcase Graham’s photography in a two minute video presentation. We wanted to give a hint of the images without giving too much away, teasing the viewer into wanting to see more and pushing them to interact with the website. The video also carries an important message that tells you what Photohonesty is all about.

    I’ve met many creative professionals over time and sad to say many are just not very creative.

    That’s not the case with Leon at Fearless Creative. It’s where for him every project starts from. It felt at times he had ‘got there’ ahead of me with my own ideas which he then improved upon. He couples the extraordinary with a vast knowledge of the industry and outputs to add value to any project he touches. All that done with efficiency and humour besides.

    The work I do with Photohonesty is precious to me and those I photograph. A trust not given lightly. To find Leon was fortunate, to work with him enjoyable, the outputs potentially transformative.

    Thank you.

    – Graham Miller, Photohonesty

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    A static image does not always have the impact you are trying to achieve, video allows you to have fluidity, impact and gives another dimension. Its value is increasing on websites and social media, helping to engage, promote and sell. Fearless Creative can provide high quality video solutions to fit you needs and budget.