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    What makes a good app?

    Leon / 12th September 2016 / All Categories, Apps, Marketing, Media

    An app that has a quick and easy solution to your question/problem. They shouldn’t be overly complicated, but simple and user-friendly.  Apps without a lot of reading are always more popular as are all the fun ones around.

    It should be without glitches, update information quickly and have features that users will want to access many times, in many locations. Reliable information is obviously extremely key and an app without adverts is always welcome.

    Remember to take advantage of the technology in your hand…camera, wifi, calendar, email to name a few… Individuals check their phones approximately 150 times a day so we thought we’d note some of our personal favourites…


     It is very frustrating when you eventually find a parking place in Edinburgh (or any bustling city) only to find that you have no change for the ticket machine. I’m sure we have all experienced this at one time or another. Or a meeting runs over (and therefore so does your parking ticket) and you are greeted with a cheeky wee fine on your windscreen. RingGo is the perfect solution for this scenario. No change required, just use RingGo.  It also notifies you when you are about to run out of time, letting you add additional time without having to leg it to your car.


    One of the most popular apps around. Listen to as much of your favourite music as you can, mostly for free! It is also a great way to listen to new music, I constantly listen and discover new artists and tracks. Over a choice between Spotify and Apple music, my personal choice would the Spotify.

    Whats App

    A free app that lets you communicate with your friends and family. Send picture messages for free, make phonecalls from abroad for free. It also now has over 1,600 million active monthly users, which has increased from only 400 million back in 2010. It currently does not have any advertising, although that looks to be changing in the future.

    Free Agent 

    This accounting software is great. Easy to use, very competitively priced and offers great features. The app helps you with invoicing and estimating on the go and could not simpler. FreeAgent links to your bank and automatically imports all your transactions. It helps with your VAT returned easlity as well. Fearless Creative would definitely recommend it.

    Edinburgh Bus & Tram App

    Fearless Creative loves Edinburgh, it’s a great city to visit and a better city to live in. We find the public transport in and around Edinburgh simply great. A standard fare for single journey is a fixed price of £1.60, with concessions and day tickets also offering savings. Lothian buses have some great apps for making travelling around the city even better. The apps help finding a route, the time and location of a bus, there is also m-tickets than can be activated on your phone so no money is exchanged.


    There are a range of apps, bodyweight, running, gym, and nutrition. The ‘coach’ option gives you workouts and helps to keep you motivated. For me this is my preferred training app. There are a lots of fitness apps on the market but this is definitely our favourite. If you want a to get fit, lose weight or increase your muscle mass then Freeletics will definitely help you.


    This is borderline geeky, but a great wee app nonetheless. When you’re out walking and you see a plant or flower you love but not sure of it’s name, simply take a photo and PlantNet tells you all you need to know.


     Another one of my personal favourites (such a geek!).  Words lets you play scrabble with strangers and friends alike.  I am currently playing with a friend in Australia. Aaah modern technology.

    BBC news

    Keep up to date with all the latest news, weather and sport in the UK and abroad.

    Google Maps

    No need for a sat nav, Google maps does just as good a job if not better. It may not have speed camera as a true sat nav has but has over benefits. It gives you directions, information on places, satellite images and also street view which can be invaluable when trying to find a new destination.


    These are a few of the apps that Fearless Creative uses every day, it would be good to hear what your favourite ones are.

    At Fearless Creative we help businesses produce websites and develop mobile apps. If you have a great idea or product and want it to work as app, we certainly would be interested in helping you. Our team of developers can bring your mobile app, smartwatch app or Apple TV app from idea to fruition. Customer focus, usability and functionality will be at the forefront but with a mix of the best design.

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