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    The Top 10 Alternative Google Search Engines

    Leon / 3rd August 2016 / All Categories, Marketing, Web

    Google is the most popular search engine but certainly not the only one. If you are investing in paid advertising with Google there may be better value looking at the competition.

    Around a third of all search engine clicks come from Google which places them in a very strong market share but who gets the remaining two thirds? Google is definitely the leader in its industry, its advertising revenue in the US is larger than the entire US print industry. 40% of all the US digital advertising spend came its way last year.

    Google is most people’s default, it is slick and easy to use. So why would you go elsewhere? After all there can be savings to be had on your search marketing campaigns if you look at the alternatives. There is always plenty competition on the primary keywords which will mean the cost will be significantly higher.


    Here are the top 10 alternative search engines rather than using google.

    1. Bing

    Comes in second behind Google and is powered by Microsoft. It has a cool ever changing home page, comes with lots of features, it integrates well with Facebook, Android and Apple devices.

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    2. DuckDuckGo

    The key reason to its fast growing success is due to its maintaining user privacy and does not keep track of your searches and is open-source. It has voice search feature and operates a one-ad-a-page model.

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    3. Yahoo

    Now partnered and powered by Microsoft’s Bing Search for search engine results, it is now the official search engine that comes with Mozilla Firefox. You can get a great deal of information from Yahoo Answer and Yahoo Finance.

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    4. Wolfram Alpha

    This is not just for Math geeks, the search bases it results on computational facts and is a powerful search engine.

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    Ask changed back in 2009 from a search engine and became more of a question and answer community. It is a great alternative to Google for ‘to the point’ human content.

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    6. Yandex

    Yandex is the fourth largest search engine in the world and is Russian based. It has a whopping 150 million search entries per day, although not as popular in the UK.

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    7. Dogpile

    Its been around ages and is the oldest search engine on the web that will curation information, links, images and videos. It pulls results from Google, Yahoo, Yandex, and Ask.

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    8. IxQuick

    IxQuick takes the privacy issue very seriously, it does not store any user specific details. It has 17 supported languages, has 5.7 millions search queries per day.

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    9. Internet Archive

    This lets users search for iterations of a website and is less of a search engine as such. What is does is lets you look at how a website has looked in the past. It also is a great sourse of books, images, software and movies.

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    10. Gibiru

    Offers uncensored anonymous search, it searches all content even including the ones censored for the general audience. It offers complete privacy and uncensored content.

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    Video content is on the rise and fast becoming the next big thing, Google’s YouTube is the place to find videos and is second biggest search engine behind Google itself.

    Depending on what your company offers, you can target your advertising on the likes of Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, and Alibaba. These alternative search engines can give high return on investment, given the right audience.

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