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    Traditional Marketing v Digital Marketing

    Leon / 25th July 2016 / All Categories, Marketing

    With big budgets for digital marketing the lines are blurring between traditional and digital marketing, which one comes out on top.

    Digital marketing increases calls to businesses

    It was thought that digital marketing channels would see off more traditional channels, like the telephone call, but this is far from it. Mobile digital marketing is now driving more calls to businesses than ever before. People use their mobile phones to interface with the world around them. Using emails, social media, navigation, research and work on the go but it then should not be a surprise that they are also calling businesses more. The Research and data from Invoca, shows that digital channels drove 84% of calls to businesses in 2014, but then seen an significant increase of 92% in 2015. Convenient click to call buttons and fearures like Google call only ads are also making it easier for customers to call businesses on mobile devices.

    Has digital marketing taken over from traditional marketing?

    The figures seem to back it up with spend of traditional marketing fallen approximately 160% while digital marketing spend has increase by 14%

    What is Traditional Marketing

    Basically traditional marketing is everything that is except digital. TV, radio, posters, commercials, billboards, newspaper and magazine ads. It is broadcast marketing which is not interactional. This will also include gaining business through a referral or a network.

    What is Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is continuing to evolve and as long technology continues to advance digital marketing will also evolve. Examples of digital marketing are website, social media, SEO, youtube, banner ads, email and mobile marketing.

    The outstanding benefit when using digital marketing is the results are much easier to measure. You can tailor your audience to geographic locations, globally or locally. Digital marketing is very interactive help you to speak directly to customers and getting feedback quickly and easily. Digital marketing compared to traditional marketing can be a lot more cost-effective and better targeted. You can start a campaign very quickly at a low cost.

    Companies that invest in a mix of traditional and digital marketing will provide a stronger form of communication to their customers.

    Can Traditional and digital marketing work together?

    Both traditional marketing and digital marketing have the same goals, attracting customers and building brand awareness. They can complement each other to achieve better results. Both have advantages, both have adapted to the landscape and it is important to understand the marketing strategies and possible results of both before adopting a marketing plan.

    It is obviously imperative to have an online presence for all businesses but it should not be ‘either-or’ situation when it comes to traditional and digital marketing. It should come down to what is better suited to get results and what works best with your customers. Getting the balance right and be able to captialise on both strengths with be a benefit.

    Should it just be marketing, not traditional or digital

    Some agencies are now dropping digital label and being just marketing agencies. If it doesn’t see the distinction be digital and traditional marketing, should we?

    Any form of marketing should be the right fit and the right connection with your customer.

    TV has not killed radio, digital marketing will not replace traditional marketing but it is going in importance. People trust what they read, trust what they see on TV and what they hear on the radio. The stats show 46% of people trust what they read on social media compared with 54% people trust what they hear on the radio and 63% trust what they see on TV.

    The digital work is here to stay, its not about digital marketing. It is all about do effective marketing in a digital world. Digital and traditional marketing methods should come together to create a seamless viewing.


    • 2.31 billion active social media users
    • 1.75 billion people have smart phones
    • 25% of the UK shoppers use mobile for grocery shopping
    • 68% increase predicted this year for mobile commerce
    • 80% grow seen by retailers due to online presence and services
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